Accessories that make a statement, because you ARE what you wear!

I have always been a writer… a poet… a spoken word artist… a novelist. However, it is my belief that a true artist has the ability to exercise their artistry in several genres because it comes from the same part of the brain. I was looking for an outlet for my hands. I have always been drawn to wood. The smell…the feel… so in about 2004, I bought a wood-burning tool just to try my hand. I fell in love. I started out burning cigar boxes – turning them into trinket boxes, jewelry boxes and purses. I had the blessed fortune of teaching my craft to teen girls in 2006 through the City of Atlanta’s ArtsCool summer program. Gradually, I started to evolve the types of product that I produced eventually concentrating almost exclusively on purses and accessories by 2009.

There came a point that I had to choose between working for someone else or working for myself. As a writer first, I consider this craft an answer to my internal struggle of money vs. art… living vs. creating.

Unfortunately, the path to artistic success is paved with poverty most times. Being an independent jewelry designer gives me the freedom of time… Although I work far more hours than the typical 8-hour day work day, I am not confined to an office nor the politics that accompany one.
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